Definitions for "Tripwire "
Tripwire is a system integrity checker, a utility that compares properties of designated files and directories against information stored in a previously generated database. Any changes to these files are flagged and logged, including those that were added or deleted, with optional email reporting. Additionally, support files are cryptographically signed.
A software tool for security. Basically, it works with a database that maintains information about the byte count of files. If the byte count has changed, it will identify it to the system security manager.
A file integrity checker for UNIX systems, see the section called "Intrusion detection".
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a combination of full-tilt rock 'n' roll and progressive punk rock
Tripwire is a Pop Punk/punk rock band based in the city of Mumbai in India.
an element of the classic booby trap
a passive triggering mechanism, usually/originally employed for military purposes, although its principle has been used since prehistory for methods of trapping game
A wire attached to one or more mines in order to increase the activation area of the mine. Pressure on or the breaking of this trip wire will result in activation of the mine fuze. Normally attached to bounding and fragmentation type mines.