Definitions for "trn"
terrain-referenced navigation
Terrain reference navigation
Trn is "Threaded Read News", the text-mode news reader that was originally based on Larry Wall's rn. Version
Trn is Threaded RN, a newsreader that uses an article's references to order the discussions in a very natural, reply-ordered sequence called threads. This is a pre-release test version. Testers are encouraged to join a test group mailing list, see the homepage for details.
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The turn file is, effectively, a list of your commands which, when submitted to the host, is acted upon. It should be based upon the current RST file otherwise a stale TRN will result (e.g. Player 1, The Solar Federation would send the file PLAYER1.TRN)
Turn. The degrees which must be added to or subtracted from the current heading to reach the course to the intended waypoint.
See Turn.
Quattro Translation or MKS Source Integrity Project Log
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Trunked Radio Network, the new radio system being phased in to the ACT
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