Definitions for "Trout "
Keywords:  salmo, salmon, flesh, spawn, freshwater
Any one of numerous species of fishes belonging to Salmo, Salvelinus, and allied genera of the family Salmonidæ. They are highly esteemed as game fishes and for the quality of their flesh. All the species breed in fresh water, but after spawning many of them descend to the sea if they have an opportunity.
Any one of several species of marine fishes more or less resembling a trout in appearance or habits, but not belonging to the same family, especially the California rock trouts, the common squeteague, and the southern, or spotted, squeteague; -- called also salt-water trout, sea trout, shad trout, and gray trout. See Squeteague, and Rock trout under Rock.
flesh of any of several primarily freshwater game and food fishes
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A blunt object used for attacking other members. : Said by the W! pirate gang instead of Y'ARRRR! (coming soon)
a real torpedo and a worthy adversary in summer, you will have to retrieve quickly with jerks as well as hesitations
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Written in Perl, trout is a server which will stream a selected list of audio MPEG files over a network connection. It also currently supports down sampling of the audio files via external programs. This makes it ideal for running an Internet radio station, or just having an easy way to access all your MP3s over your home network. Trout also supports streaming the same data to multiple clients.
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a moment of beauty known only to those who seek it