Definitions for "Turn Around"
turn abruptly and face the other way, either physically or metaphorically; "He turned around to face his opponent"; "My conscience told me to turn around before I made a mistake"
cause to get better; "The new stategy turned around sales"; "The tutor turned around my son's performance in math"
A widened part of a fire break used for turning vehicles around, also used as a safe area during entrapment.
get better; "Her performance in school picked up"
Drastic reconfiguration respectively restructuring of a company, that has great economical problems. Thereby new capital is brought in by a third party; the shares of the old partners get diluted.
Act of downlinking a satellite signal, altering that signal, and uplinking it again right away. Often used to change the signal from KU-Band to C-Band. | Previous
a response to a disadvantage that either makes good out of bad or argues that the affirmative does not cause but rather presents it
The amount of time added to a schedule for customer approval of proof or printed material. to top
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Amount of time between wrap of a shoot and time you must be back on set.
turning in an opposite direction or position; "the reversal of the image in the lens"