Definitions for "TURNS"
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Turns are the Pernese year.
Keywords:  boatmen, shortage, arrive, empty, wait
consistent changes in direction of travel to either side of the fall line
At times of water shortage boatmen were not allowed to empty or fill a lock that was set against them, instead they had to wait for a boat to arrive from the opposite direction so that no water was wasted by working empty locks.
The criteria of mogul judging, that refers to the execution of turning in moguls.
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Another term for inventory turns.
See Inventory Turns.
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Theater slang for actors
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The number of times the wire of a winding actually goes around the core.
The number of times a product completes a cycle of moving through a warehouse or retail store; the number of times a warehouse is completely rotated; measured on a yearly basis.
this is the bulk of the game. The turn report is a series of pages showing you your position in the game along with the results of any orders you submitted on the previous turn.
The technique used to turn at the end of each length, except at the finish. The specific turn technique is determined by the stroke.