Definitions for "UDI"
Keywords:  hdcp, hdmi, dvi, vga, unified
Unified Display Interface - a newly-proposed interface specification designed for HDTV and PC usage, replacing the aging VGA analog interface while maintaining compatibility with existing HDMI and DVI standards. It provides higher bandwidth than previous digital ports and includes a form of Digital Rights Management known as High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP).
Keywords:  vibhuti, sss, sacred, ash
Vibhuti): Sacred ash ( SSS).
The ISO currency code for the Mexican Unidades De Inversion Udi.
Cisco Unique Device Identifier
(anachronistic) Universal Document Identifier (@@when?). see URI
Unilateral Declaration of Independence
Unidentified Drinking Injuries
See Ground Water Under the Direct Influence (UDI) of Surface Water.