Definitions for "UEL"
UPPER EARNINGS LIMIT. The maximum amount of earnings (equal to approximately seven times the lower earnings limit) on which NI contributions are payable by employees.
UPPER EXPLOSIVE LIMIT. The point at which the concentration of a gas in air becomes too great to allow an explosion upon ignition due to insufficient oxygen present. Found in: Water Treatment Plant Operation, Vol I & II Water Distribution System O&M Small Water System O&M Operation of Wastewater Treatment Plants, Vol II Pretreatment Facility Inspection
Upper explosive limit. The maximum concentration of a combustible gas in air which will ignite if a source of ignition is present. Used interchangeably with the term "upper flammability limit" (UFL).
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The abbreviation for useful economic life.
Useful economic life. The useful economic life of a fixed asset is the time period for which the asset is likely to be useful in generating profit for a company (or meeting the aims of a charity).
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