Definitions for "UGA"
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Uga (pronounced UH-GUH) is the name of a lineage of white English bulldogs owned by Frank W. "Sonny" Seiler, which have served as the mascot of the University of Georgia since 1956. Although the University is located in Athens, Georgia, Uga lives with the Seilers in Savannah, Georgia.
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Urban Growth Area WFS Waterfront Setback
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User Global Area. A memory region in the large pool used for user sessions.
User Global Area - area that contains data required to support a ( user) session. The UGA is located in the PGA when running in dedicated server mode. With MTS, the UGA is located in the LARGE_POOL (if specified), otherwise in the SHARED_POOL.
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Ulead Gif Animator
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( Unitary Group Approach)