Definitions for "Unravel"
become or cause to become undone by separating the fibers or threads of; "the sweater unravelled"
become undone; "the sweater unraveled"
Term to describe knitting coming undone. This can be intentional, i.e. purposely undo (unrave)l in order to amend or correct a mistake, or unintentional caused as a result of a mistake or tear in the fabric.
To disentangle; to disengage or separate the threads of; as, to unravel a stocking.
disentangle; "can you unravel the mystery?"; "unravel the ball or yarn"
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Analyses the return stack and prints a list of the words currently executing. Often used when reporting errors to find out what word caused the error. INCLUDE? UNRAVEL JU:UNRAVEL : STOPIT ( -- ) ." Error!" UNRAVEL QUIT ; : FOO 23 45 + . STOPIT ; : ZAPPER ." Test" CR FOO ; ZAPPER If you do this you should see the names of ZAPPER, FOO and STOPIT in the list. To install UNRAVEL as part of QUIT, use START.UNRAVEL.QUIT. To remove it, use STOP.UNRAVEL.QUIT. Related Words: [email protected] RDEPTH NAME
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Hence, to clear from complication or difficulty; to unfold; to solve; as, to unravel a plot.
verb, to become unravelled or loose; to explain, solve
To lose material from the edges of a retaining wall (revetment, cribbing).
To separate the connected or united parts of; to throw into disorder; to confuse.
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To become unraveled, in any sense.