Definitions for "Updating"
Replacing or refurbishing worn or outdated aspects of the home, such as out-of-style fixtures, carpeting or other items easily removed and reinstalled with something new or more fashionable.
Bringing up to date. Sending the new information into the system.
the act of changing something to bring it up to date (usually by adding something); "criminal records need regular updating"
Keywords:  npmt, revising, amending
Revising, amending. [D02102] NPMT
The process of updating feature vectors using data from one or more data vectors. The rules for updating are described by a DXML file and any associated files. The term also refers to the process of creating new feature vectors from one or more data vectors.
The process of compiling and indicating changes that have occurred to map data since an earlier edition of the map was published. These changes are often indicated on a printed copy of the map or on a registered overlay.
Changing the Dynamic information in your website to keep it current.