Definitions for "Upslope"
In Denver, our "upslope" winds are from the east. An easterly wind will have to travel "up the hill" from the 4,000 foot elevations near the Kansas border, to our Mile High elevation here in Denver. Easterly winds will bring an increase in clouds and often a chance for rain or snow to the Denver area, especially since that air moves west of Denver and backs up against the mountains, gradually forming the clouds and precipitation over the foothills and then out across the eastern plains. In this instance, the upslope winds will often cause rain or snow here, but dry weather will hold west of the Continental Divide (remember, they would have an easterly "down-sloping" wind there as the air blows down from the Divide).
a weather pattern where warm moist air from the Gulf of Mexico hits the mountains and causes big snows at the base of the mountains
The cooling of an air flow as it ascends a hill or mountain slope. If there is enough moisture and the air is stable, stratiform clouds and precipitation may form. If the air is unstable, there might be an increased chance of thunderstorm development.