Definitions for "USER GROUPS"
a feature that allows Admins to set up a group of users that they can give private forum access to, assign special Custom Titles to and generally manipulate as a group rather then having to click all the users names in the User list at one time to perform any Admin Actions.
(see also Access Levels) All users are assigned to a user group. There are three default user groups: Administrators, Managers, and Users. Only Administrators are preconfigured with a Sysadmin access level. Access levels and new user groups are added in the Access Levels module.
Users can be assigned to one of 16 groups. Users Groups are only programmed for Access Modules if a Guard Tour shift, Temporary User, Anti-passback or at least one relay has been optioned. Group 1 users are always exempt from Anti-passback checks. Group #14 is reserved for toggle functions, to turn a device on and off Group #15 is reserved for temporary employees Group #16 is for guard tour Close Glossary Window
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Clubs organised by people interested in sharing information about their computers, their software, or other areas of computer-related activity, especially to help solve problems.
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A collection of user accounts on an NT system.