Definitions for "User mode"
In most modern processors there are (at least) two primary modes of operation: user and kernel mode. In this model, applications operate in the user mode, while the operating system and hardware drivers operate in the kernel (or protected) mode. While user-mode drivers and APIs have the advantage of being a cross platform standard, they pay a performance penalty.
A non-reserved symbol that represents a category of usage or level of access to the current KB's knowledge. Declare a user mode simply by naming it in at least one configuration statement in at least one item in your KB. A G2 authorization file associates each authorized user name with a user mode.
Used in the gta exploit, prevents us from using certain functions e.g. UMD emulation and irda. No Flash Access within this mode.
Keywords:  cpu, executing, memory, space, code
The state of a CPU when it is executing the code of a user program that accesses its own data space in memory.