Definitions for "VCT"
Acronym for Venture Capital Trust.
Venture Capital Trusts
Venture Capital Trust. A tax incentivised scheme to encourage investment by individuals in smaller unquoted companies. Click here for further details. Volatility A statistical measure of the variation in returns from an investment. The higher the volatility, the more of a roller coaster ride you are likely to experience but, be warned that volatility can change in the future.
Vitrified Clay Tile or Vitrified Clay Tile Pipe
Vinyl Composition Tile. Common floor covering in use today. VCT can be recognized because it is generally manufactured in 12 inch square tiles.
Vinyl composition tile, a glass fiber-flooring tile.
Voluntary Counselling and Treatment
Voluntary Counseling and Testing for HIV
Voluntary Counselling and Testing
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Virtual Channel Table. Data declared as part of the Service Information standard defined by SCTE.
Virtual Cable Tester
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Veterans Construction Team