Definitions for "Venture Capitalist"
The manager of private equity fund who has responsibility for the management of the fund's investment in a particular portfolio company. In the hands-on approach (the general model for private equity investment), the venture capitalist brings in not only moneys as equity capital (ie without security/charge on assets), but also extremely valuable domain knowledge, business contacts, brand-equity, strategic advice, etc.
An investor that raises risk capital to invest in companies and provides advisory services during the term of its investment. The investments are generally high risk.
An entity investing in a company or companies that have an element of risk but offer potentially above-average returns.
an indispensable handbook for budding entrepreneurs told in a no - bull style by the quintessential Silicon Valley insider
a speculator who makes money available for innovative projects (especially in high technology)
An individual or entity that specialises in provid... Add a comment
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