Definitions for "Vesicular"
Of or pertaining to vesicles; esp., of or pertaining to the air vesicles, or air cells, of the lungs; as, vesicular breathing, or normal breathing, in which the air enters freely the air vesicles of the lungs.
Containing, or composed of, vesicles or vesiclelike structures; covered with vesicles or bladders; vesiculate; as, a vesicular coral; vesicular lava; a vesicular leaf.
Having the form or structure of a vesicle; as, a vesicular body.
Fluid-filled; causing blisters.
adj. L. " ; like blisters; of pale dispersed chromatin in a nucleus, a vesiculated nucleus.
of small bladders\blisters.
Fluid filled cavity
having small blisterlike elevations on the skin with fluid in them. Seen in herpes, poison ivy or poison oak, chickenpox, smallpox, and scabies.
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See vesiculose.
Duplicate film type which forms a latent image when exposed to ultraviolet light and produces a fixed image when subject to heat.