Definitions for "veterinarian"
One skilled in the treatment of diseases of cattle or domestic animals; a veterinary surgeon. Often abbreviated to vet.
a doctor who practices veterinary medicine
a caregiver for animals
a professional who can diagnose your problem and give you a treatment plan
Commission The commission (or board) veterinarian, sometimes referred to as the state veterinarian, is usually appointed by the state racing commission. This person serves as professional adviser and consultant to the State Racing Commission on veterinary matters including all regulatory aspects of the application and practice of veterinary medicine at the track. Association Sometimes referred to as the track veterinarian, this person is employed by the racing association and serves as a professional adviser and consultant to the racing association and its operational staff at the track. Practicing Private practitioner employed by owners and trainers on an individual case or contract basis.
a person who is concerned with the healthcare of all living beings including the human being