Definitions for "Victory points"
Keywords:  imp, dfferent, acbl, wbf, soundly
The points which represent the total score of a single match in duplicate team games and trials. The most common scale is WBF 25:5 scale, where 15:15 presents a tie, 25:5 an absolute win and 25:0 the most extreme result. (The scale depends on IMP difference achieved and number of boards played.)
A measure of your ranking in the game. You a receive a victory point if your prey is ousted and an additional point if you are the last player in the game. The winner is the player with the most victory points at the end of the game.
Some events convert IMP scores to Victory Points in order to add up results of multiple matches. Several dfferent VP scales are common. In the ACBL, most matches are scored by the 20-VP scale. The reasons to use VPs are (1) so that a single loss will not eliminate a team from contention for the day, (2) so that beating someone soundly is worth more than squeaking by them, and (3) so that there is a limit on how much a team can get from each participant, that is, so that the results of a single match would not dominate the event, as could happen if IMPs were added directly.