Definitions for "Vikings"
Scandinavian people, who dominated northern Europe from the 9th to 11th centuries. They were known as great ship-builders, fierce conquerors, and explorers.
A culture originating in Scandinavia (now Norway, Denmark and Sweden) around the mid-8th century A.D. The Vikings were fierce conquerors, brave explorers, and skilled craftspeople; they invaded and settled countries throughout Western Europe. They were the first Europeans to discover America (in about A.D. 1000), almost 500 years before Columbus.
Seagoing Scandinavian raiders from Sweden, Denmark and Norway that disrupted coastal areas of western Europe from the 8th to the 11th centuries. (p. 376)
Viking raids began in England in the 8th century AD. The monastery at Lindisfarne was attacked in 793AD and most of the north was under Viking control within 100 years.
Seafaring natives of the North Atlantic realm, the VIKINGS appeared about the time KING ARTHUR disappeared. The VIKINGS were six (VI = 6) tribal kingdoms that were leftover to rule the North Atlantic realm after KING ARTHUR and are related to the ARMORICANS. See ARMORICANS.