Definitions for "Vocalization"
The formation and utterance of vocal sounds.
A vocalization is a sound produced by a bird. Most vocalizations fall into two distinctly different categories: songs and callnotes. Check out Voices for more information.
the sound made by the vibration of vocal folds modified by the resonance of the vocal tract; "a singer takes good care of his voice"; "the giraffe cannot make any vocalizations"
The inclusion or insertion of vowel markers in an item or a text written in defective alphabetic script such as in Arabic or He­brew. Excepting instructory texts, only sacred texts and difficult or foreign words such as toponyms are usually vocal­ized in print. Examples: `Al_ -_ (vocalized) as against ___ (unvocal­ized); Carmel - _ (vocalized) as against ____ (unvocalized).
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Crying, howling
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The act of vocalizing, or the state of being vocalized.