Definitions for "Warty"
Keywords:  excrescence, nature
Of the nature of warts; as, a warty excrescence.
Keywords:  canine, pigs, flanges, cheek, wild
A term applied to certain species of wild pigs. The "warty pigs" are so-called because the adult males typically develop three pairs of warts: on the cheek swellings, on the jaw angle, and above the canine root flanges.
Keywords:  adv, see
adv. See wart.
Keywords:  knobby, twig, lumps, surface
with "knobby" lumps on the twig surface
Keywords:  overgrow, leaf, full
Having warts; full of warts; overgrow with warts; as, a warty leaf.
(of skin) covered with warts or projections that resemble warts
Bark has protruding wart-like projections.