Definitions for "Wastage"
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The projected loss in pips from dice rolls that are not totally used during bear off.
The amount of wallpaper cut from a roll to match one strip with another. See also: Usable yield.
The expected loss in pips from dice rolls which are not fully used during bear off.
Loss by use, decay, evaporation, leakage, or the like; waste.
Loss of goods due to handling, decay, leakage, shrinkage, etc.
Wastage was a British term used during World War I. It was used to describe the severity of losses experienced during the war. On the quietest day of the war the British were losing 7,000 men killed and wounded.
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see SCRAP.
The proportion of an ad. campaign's expenditure or advertising weight which is not seen or heard by the specified target audience.
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anything lost by wear or waste
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the process of wasting