Definitions for "Weights"
Keywords:  drapery, curtain, hem, hang, sheer
Round pieces of lead-like metal, pierced with two holes in the center and used to weight hems of curtains, draperies, and shades so that they hang better. Covered chain weights are a form of weighted tape used in the hems of sheer curtains.
Weights sewn in the corners of a drapery panel to ensure straight hanging.
The lead weights used at the bottom corner to hold the drapery in place without flaring.
Often attached to the penis, testicles or nipples to stretch them.
Ballast added to the tractor or implement to improve balance, traction, stability or digging force. Tractor weights include calcium solution in the tires (usually rear only) to improve traction and/or balance when using a loader, suitcase weights -- slabs of iron held together by a U-shaped bolt and attached to the tractor frame, wheel weights -- circular or semi-circular slabs of iron secured by the wheel lugs, and a weight box -- a rigid box attached to the rear of the tractor, filled with small stones or wet sand, to improve balance when using a loader. Implement weights include sand bags, cement blocks, large rocks, etc.
The weights provide the power for the trains of a clock often made of lead sometimes encased in brass or cast iron.
The various barbells / benches / machines used by swimmers during their dryland program.
Weights are exercise equipment used for strength training. The term is commonly used as a shortened form of the term free weights, but it can also refer to any exercise machine that uses weighted plates as the major opposing force.
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Many lighter skydivers wear a weight vest to allow them to maintain a fast fall rate.
The metric measure for gemstones and jewelry that uses the carat as its base. The carat is further broken down into points and grains. It was first used in 1913.