Definitions for "Weiss"
Weiss is a lunar crater along the southern edge of the Mare Nubium. Nearly attached to the southwest rim is Cichus crater, and Pitatus crater lies just over a crater diameter to the east-northeast. To the east-southeast lies the eroded Wurzelbauer crater.
a freelance food and recipe writer whose work has appeared in many magazines, as well as the new JOY OF COOKING and Bruce Aidell and Denis Kelly's THE COMPLETE MEAT COOKBOOK
The Weiss company made high-quality costume jewelry from 1942 until the 1970's. The company was founded in New York City by Albert Weiss, a former employee of the Coro company (the largest costume jewelry manufacturer). Weiss' jewelry was often studded with Austrian rhinestones. The Weiss Maltese cross brooch (above left) has red paste stones and a Japanned finish. The paisley-shaped pin has faux emerals, malachite and pearls.
Weiss is a server for MMORPGs. Written in Delphi the program is very versatile and provides a big community supporting it with NPCs, Warps and mods. Weiss is a continuation of the eWeiss project using the original name.
made mainly from wheat by top fermentation
Term applied to German wheat ales of the Bavarian, or Suddeutsch, style.
a defense against preempts: double with at least two cards in opener's suit in a balanced or near-balanced hand, cheapest minor-suit bid for takeout.