Definitions for "Welter"
Keywords:  wallow, billows, tumble, mire, tempest
To roll, as the body of an animal; to tumble about, especially in anything foul or defiling; to wallow.
To rise and fall, as waves; to tumble over, as billows.
That in which any person or thing welters, or wallows; filth; mire; slough.
Keywords:  wriggle, wriffe, wride, writhe, right
wriggle, wride.
wriggle, right, wriffe.
wriggle, writhe.
Keywords:  wither, wilt
To wither; to wilt.
Keywords:  multitude, confused, things
a confused multitude of things
Keywords:  immersed, work
be immersed in; "welter in work"
Of, pertaining to, or designating, the most heavily weighted race in a meeting; as, a welter race; the welter stakes.