Definitions for "Wind Turbine"
Wind turbines generate electricity by spinning turbine blades.
Wind turbines are structures that use moving air to generate electricity (wind power) through the use of blades that are easily turned by the wind. This rotating motion is translated inside the turbine into an electric current, which is then interconnected via cables to a nearby electric grid. Learn more about wind turbines and wind power.
a renewable energy source that generates electricity using wind power. Wind turbines, with huge, specially shaped blades, have been built in windy areas, such as on islands. However, wind farms are not the complete answer to fuel shortages. They need steady winds and large areas of open land, and are very noisy. They also cause unusual air currents and are a danger to birds. Over 1,000 turbines would be needed to replace one coal-fired power station. Outstanding progress has been made in the technology used to convert wind energy into electrical energy. Small wind turbine systems are often the most inexpensive source of power for remote sites. Wind electric water pumping systems are simple and rugged. Other applications include telecommunications and rural residences electrification.
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a relatively large device and is not suitable for urban or small-lot suburban homes
a deceptively difficult product to develop and many of the early units were not very reliable
an appliance that is built for rugged conditions
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a tall structure that normally requires a building permit
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the same as a wind generator.