Definitions for "WordPerfect"
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A very popular word processing program owned Corel that has a built in or "bundled" HTML Editor called the Internet Publisher.
WP) Popular word processor, runs on many systems. XML eXtensible Markup Language. A sub-product of SGML created specifically for Internet use.
PC word processing software from the WordPerfect Corp originally recommended by IBM for PS/2 s connected to the AS/400 – IBM provided software to turn the AS/400 into a file server for networks of PS/2s running WordPerfect. WordPerfect was purchased by Novell and then Corel. Barely surviving today against Microsoft Word.
A very powerful and easy-to-use wordprocessing program installed on the Windows and Macintosh computers in the public PC labs. Use WP to write term papers, lab reports, letters and resumes.
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Word processing software. 2.12