Definitions for "Working time"
Road transport workerâ€(tm)s time divided up into working time groups – driving time, availability time, and other working time – in accordance with legal requirements. Tachographs also record break/rest times.
The set of minimum health and safety standards relating to basic hours, shift and overtime hours, rest periods and holiday entitlements. Subject to a Directive effective on the 23rd November 1996. Certain excluded sectors (such a transport operations) were excluded from the Directive, but have now largely been brought into line through a series of piecemeal measures.
The time an installer has to work with a strip of wallpaper from pasting to positioning on the wall. Consider the time factor before attempting to paste too many strips of wallpaper. If you exceed the working time, the wallpaper may delaminate, or the adhesive may dry out.
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