Definitions for "Wrap around"
Keywords:  frameless, sneak, goalie, rear, hockey
Electrostatic effect where charged coating particles curve around the part and are deposited onto the rear side of the part.
A style of hinge where the plates of the hinge are formed around the back edge of the door and/or the face frame. A partial wrap around hinge will wrap around the door and have a plain flat leaf for the cabinet so it can be used on a frameless cabinet. A full back-to-back wrap around hinge with wrap around on both halves of the hinge so it can be used on a face frame cabinet.
Phenomenon by which electrically charged paint droplets curve around the rear side of the object being painted.
In a display, when data is moved in one direction through the display, or a cursor is moved though the data, as the data displayed or the cursor position reaches one extreme end, it jumps to the other extreme end so that the movement can continue.