Definitions for "XTRA"
a library of commands that allows you to extend Director's functionality
Xtras' are plug-in applications (alternatively know as extensions, add-ons, or components) for Macromedia products, in particular Macromedia Director or Authorware. They can be user-created, or bought from third party vendors. Macromedia maintains a list of third party Xtras.
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The Xtra was an English cyclecar built from 1922 to 1924.
Xtra Limited (trading as Xtra) is New Zealand's largest Internet service provider. It is a subdivision of Telecom New Zealand. Xtra offers various internet services including ADSL and Dial-up connections within New Zealand and has been doing so since its inception in the early 1990's.
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A PIAA term used to designate high efficiency bulbs that are designed to produce greater light output than its rated power consumption. (Example 55watts = 85watts of light output)
an ultra high concentration
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a program in of itself