Definitions for "Zeta "
Hungarian V.vinifera variety resulting from a Bouvier x Furmint cross. Is occasionally made into a varietal white wine having a green apple/pear flavor. Also can be blended with Furmint wine in order to make a Tokaji Azsu white wine variation.
Zeta is a Mexican magazine published every Thursday in Tijuana by Choix Editores. This publication regularly runs exposés on the local and federal governments as well as on organized crime. As a result, its co-founder and co-director J.
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Zeta is a virtual platform or architecture. It is implemented in a software emulator, and it was created for the sole purpose of having a new target to which the Linux kernel, GNU bintutils, and GNU gcc can be ported.
a term used to refer to individual chapters of Lambda Chi Alpha.
A Greek letter [z] corresponding to our z.
the 6th letter of the Greek alphabet
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A closed or small chamber; a room over a church porch where documents were kept.
The percentage change in an options price per 1% change in implied volatility.
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a very fast operating system written from the ground up to get more out of your hardware than any other