Definitions for "zoe"
Zoe (in Greek: Ζωή, Zōē, meaning "Life"), (c. 978–1050) was Empress of the Byzantine Empire with co-rulers November 15, 1028–1050, and senior reigning Empress from April 19 to June 11, 1042.
Zoe (born Fredrick "Freddie" Luper) is a fictional character on ABC's daytime drama All My Children. She has been played by Jeffrey Carlson beginning in August 2006 and then returning from November 29th, 2006 onward.
The Zo'e (also known as Zo'é or the Marrying tribe or Zoe tribe) are a native tribe in Brazil. They are a Tupi group of the Cuminapanema people. All Zoe wear the poturu, a wooden plug piercing the bottom lip. The Zo'e have a tradition where new fathers have the backs of their calves cut with the 'tooth of a small rodent'.
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Zoe (b. March 10, according to Sesame Street lore) is a 3-year-old, orange female monster on Sesame Street, performed by Fran Brill. She was designed in her color to complement Elmo, who was gaining popularity at her introduction in 1992.
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Zoe is a web based e-mail client with a built in SMTP server and Google-like search functionality that lives on your desktop. Zoe is written in java and uses Lucene technology to provided instant searching and threading of your e-mails.