Definitions for "Zugzwang"
Graphical user interface for crafty and other chess engines.
German for "compulsion to move." A player is said to be in zugzwang when any move he makes will result in the loss of a piece or otherwise seriously weaken his position, though the opponent presents no concrete threat.
A position in which the player whose move it is has to make a move which worsens his position. Place the Black King on e8, a White Pawn on d7 and the White King on d6. If it is Black's move he is in ZUGZWANG: his only move is Ke8-f7, when White will QUEEN his pawn in two moves time. With White to play he must either play Kd6-e6, which is STALEMATE or move his King away from the pawn, so White is in ZUGZWANG.
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Zugzwang is a musical work by Juan Maria Solare.