Definitions for "108 Stars of Destiny"
Keywords:  nai'an, guanzhong, zhuan, suikoden, luo
The 108 Stars of Destiny (天導一百零八星) are at the core of the plot of the Chinese classic Shui Hu Zhuan (水滸傳), commonly translated as Water Margin, Outlaws of the Marsh, or All Men Are Brothers, edited by Shi Nai'an (施耐庵) and Luo Guanzhong (羅貫中) during the 13th century and 14th century. Suikoden (水滸伝) is a Japanese translation for Shui Hu Zhuan which has been made into a series of role-playing games.
The 108 Stars of Destiny in the original Suikoden was loosely based on the classical Chinese novel, Shui Hu Zhuan (Outlaws of the Marsh)or (Water Margin), by Shi Nai'an and Luo Guanzhong. The novel's concept of the 108 Stars of Destiny then became a defining feature of the video game series and has been featured in every main Suikoden game since.