Definitions for "1633"
Eric Flint. 1633 is co-written with New York Times best selling author David Weber. The series begins in our Modern era on May 31, 2000 during a small town wedding when the small West Virginia town of Grantville trades places in both time and geographic location with a nearly unpopulated countryside region within what would become Germany during the convulsions of the Thirty Years' War. 1633 is the second major novel in the series which mixes to an unprecedented extent canonical anthologies with its works of novel length, almost in alternation. There are currently seven works in print, several more in production at Baen Books, another three published as e Books, and at least seven more 'under contract' between publisher Baen Books and various writers.
Saturday of the Gregorian calendar (or a common year starting on Tuesday of the 10-day slower Julian calendar).