Definitions for "ABCD Scheme"
An initiative in the UK designed to classify the type and amount of recycled fibre in a paper product. The scheme grades four types of waste used in paper manufacture, as follows: A - Woodfree, approved own mill waste (waste that has not left the mill. i.e. mill broke). B - Woodfree unprinted waste (waste that has left the mill but not reached the consumer, typically from the printer or converter). C - Woodfree printed waste (post consumer waste, collected from homes, offices etc). D - Printed mechanical waste (post consumer waste, typically newspapers). To be classified as recycled the grade has to contain no less than 50% of the total fibre from any combination of the above sources, with the percentages given for each. Therefore Cairngorm is 15A/65B/10C (90% recycled in total with the remainder being virgin fibre).