Definitions for "ABF2"
Keywords:  paif, fobf, emeap, prc, malaysia
See Asian Bond Fund 2.
Asian Bond Fund 2. The second phase of the Asian Bond Fund initiative launched in December 2004. ABF2 invests in local currency bonds issued by sovereign and quasi-sovereign issuers in the eight of the EMEAP markets (PRC; Hong Kong, China; Indonesia; Korea; Malaysia; Philippines; Singapore; and Thailand). ABF2 consists of two components, a Pan-Asian Bond Index Fund (PAIF) and a Fund of Bond Funds (FoBF). PAIF is a single bond fund index investing in sovereign and quasi-sovereign local currency bonds issued in eight EMEAP economies. FoBF is a two-tiered structure with a parent fund investing in eight Single-market Funds, each of which will invest in local currency sovereign and quasi-sovereign bonds issued in their respective markets.