Definitions for "Abu Jihad"
Khalil Al-Wazir (October 10, 1935–April 16, 1988), better known by the kunya "Abu Jihad" (Arabic: father of Jihad) and "Al-Wazir" (the top minister), was a founder of the Palestinian group Fatah (which later formed the dominant part of the PLO), and later a top aide to Yassir Arafat and a guerrilla leader. Al-Wazir played an important role in the 1970-71 Black September clashes in Jordan, and was the mastermind behind several high-profile militant operations against Israel during the 1970s. He was assassinated in Tunis in 1988, by Israeli commandos under the supervision of Ehud Barak,Barak Associated Press by Gwen Ackerman. 4 July, 1997 - Assassination of Abu Jihad who later became Prime Minister of Israel .