Definitions for "Access key"
This key allows users to access a URL or location within a homepage by linking the URL or location with a number (key button).
The key that corresponds to an underlined letter on a menu or control (also referred to as a mnemonic or mnemonic access key).
This has two different meanings: In web site design, a character key that can be pressed to select a web link or field in a form. It may be underlined, or emphasised in some other manner, but it need not be. For an example see ' Accessible web site design'. With Microsoft Windows generally, a key that corresponds to an underlined character on a menu, command or dialogue box.
Keywords:  cutout, notch, tab, connector, adapter
a cutout or notch in an adapter card that fits over a corresponding tab in the connector into which the adapter card is inserted
(clé d'accès) - method used by a department to authorize a person to pass through an access control point at a facility or a security zone, for example, physical characteristics, personal knowledge and/or a device
a single character from the document character set
a single character from the user agent's current character encoding
A piece of hardware attached to a user's computer or a piece of software which communicates over a network to a server which has that piece of hardware that allows one to use an access-controlled application.
an event associated with a link within the current presentation
the data element(s) which are used to identify and search through a physical file.