Definitions for "Accordion pleat"
Keywords:  pleat, snap, kilts, acording, ripple
A series of narrow, machine-made, overlapping pleats, often used on lightweight fabrics for soft furnishings.
A pleat is a fold of definite even with. Accordion pleats are a series of narrow, evenly spaced parallel pleats with alternating raised and recessed folds set into cloth. Made by doubling the cloth on itself. Modern pleats are made by commercial pleating machines. Named after the musical instrument. The pleated garment most commonly worn by boys is the kilt. Acording pleats are extensively used in well-made kilts. Cheaper kilts have fewer pleats because they require more material.
This is a different pleating system. This system is usually used in commercial projects and requires special hardware. Its main feature is that it stacks tightly allowing more visible window space. It should always be considered to be a very custom situation. The actual pleating can come in several forms such as: snap tape, ripple fold, accordion pleat, etc.