Definitions for "Alijan Ibragimov"
Alijan Ibragimov (also known as Alidjan or Alidzhon Ibragimov) is a Kyrgyzstan-born Muslim oligarch who is a member of a well-known circle of oligarchs in Kazakhstan known as the “Trio.” The “Trio” comprises Ibragimov and his business partners, Alexander Mashkevich and Patokh Chodiev, who made their billions by asset-stripping in the mining/metals, oil, gas, and banking sectors in Kazakhstan. Ibragimov has ranked #382 on Forbes’ list of world billionaires. A Wall Street Journal article is but one source which has linked the Trio to money laundering schemes involving Kazakh officials, as well as Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev. In addition to their involvement in money laundering, Ibragimov and the Trio are also charged with fraud and criminal association.