Definitions for "Alpha Subclasses"
In the U.S. patent classification system, subclasses that have an alphabetical suffix. Amendment: A change in any part of a patent application made after it is filed. Amendments in applications, other than reissue applications, are made by filing a paper, in compliance with ยง 1.52, directing that specified amendments be made. Amendments are made to correct accidental entry, answer an office action by a United States Patent and Trademark Office Examiner, to correct excess claims, abandonment, after all claims allowed to modify either the body of the application or drawings. Amendment To Allege Use: A s worn statement signed by the applicant or a person authorized to sign on behalf of the applicant attesting to use of the mark in commerce. With the AAU, the owner must submit one specimen showing use of the mark in commerce for each class of goods/services included in the application, and the required fee.