Definitions for "ALSANCAK"
Keywords:  semt, buca, aydin, bornova, zmir
A select neighbourhood with a unique character in modern Izmir. Stretching from the waterfront esplanade inland most of the area has been transformed into a pedestrian precinct, so there is no trarffic to disturb shoppers and strollers.The streets lined by modern buildings and attractive shops lead onto the square where Alsancak station stands. Dating from 1858 the colonial architecture of the station distinguishes it in style from the rest of the city. Trains to Buca, Aydin and Denizli depart from here.
Alsancak is a large quarter (or a zone; semt) in Ä°zmir, Turkey, within the boundaries of the metropolitan district of Konak, the historic center of the city. Alsancak area extends along the southern shores of the tip of the Gulf of Ä°zmir, starting from the historic square that carries the same name as the district (Konak Square), to adjoin Bornova, another metropolitan district in its eastern end.