Definitions for "Alternative work arrangements"
In this publication, alternative work arrangements comprise: flexible hours, weekend work (Saturdays or Sundays), reduced work weeks and compressed work weeks. Employees who work Monday to Friday, at least six hours per day between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m., were not asked the question on weekend work.
recognizing that some people are interested in more flexible work arrangements and shorter hours, some employers have either initiated or negotiated alternative work-time arrangements with employees. These include job sharing, flex-time and compressed work weeks. They offer the possibility of moving from the model of the flexible worker to the model of the flexible workplace, one in which the needs of the organization and the needs of employees are recognized and reconciled. In a flexible workplace, the hours of work can be varied to meet the preferences of workers consistent with employer needs, but employees can also work predictable hours and receive a predictable income.