Definitions for "Always remember to praise in public and reprimand in private"
The first time you, the supervisor, are displeased about something, have a private informal meeting with the worker. Discuss your feelings about the matter and give the worker a chance to talk freely, also. If you same situation persists, have a more formal [closed-door, sit-down] meeting and follow it up with a written letter of reprimand that summarizes what was talked about at the meeting. This letter of reprimand should include the chances of dismissal if the problem persists. If the same situation still persists, have another meeting and tell the worker that he/she will be suspended from service for one period/session and follow this up with a letter documenting what was discussed at the meeting and the details of the suspension. If the problem continues, give the worker a Notice of Dismissal. Of course good work requires that you use the Praise Ladder: Informal comments and notes of praise Letters of commendations Public recognition of good work in a staff meeting Warning: Strive to maintain equality and sincerity with your praise! Table of Contents Glossary