Definitions for "Amal"
"works", 'amalam, "their works"; equivalent to "suffering works" or "works with soteriological force" as per the usage in Is 53:1 If-where it occurs in conjunction with other familiar Qumranisms, such as "Da'at'; "Rabbim'; "nephesh'; "Zaddik", etc.). In 1QpHab, viii.2 and x.12, used in relation to both "Jamesian" works and "Pauline" works, the former (with "amanatam" below) in the context of eschatological exegesis of Hab 2:4; the latter, the "empty works" of "the Liar"/"Empty Man".
plural of amal (work) that is required in a partnership or based on which a partnership is formed
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Amal (Arabic: afwâju l-muqâwamati l-lubnâniya) is short for the Lebanese Resistance Detachments. Amal is the popular name, meaning "hope" in Arabic. Amal became one of the most important Muslim militias during the Lebanese Civil War. Amal grew strong through its close ties with the Islamic regime of Iran, and the 300,000 Shi'i internal refugees from southern Lebanon after the Israeli bombings in the early 1980s. At its greatest the militia had 14,000 troops.
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AMAL is a British carburettor brand name.
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judicial practice