Definitions for "Ambarisha"
A saintly Vaishnava king famous for using all his resources and bodily activities in devotional service to the Supreme Lord. Angered by a minor accidental fault of the kingâ€(tm)s, the sage Durvasa tried to kill him, but Lord Vishnu sent the Sudarshana disc to attack Durvasa, who finally had to beg the kingâ€(tm)s forgiveness.
A king of Ayodhya, 28th descendant of Ikshwaku
In Hinduism, Ambarisha was a great devotee of Vishnu and adhered firmly to the truth. He performed a Yaga with such great devotional fervour that Lord Narayana was pleased to bless him with Sudarshana Chakra (Sudarshana meaning "good vision") and which manifested as a wheel of prosperity, peace and security to his kingdom. Once, Ambarisha performed the Dvadasi Vratha, which required that the king must start a fast on Ekadashi and break it at the start of Dvadasi and feed all the people.