Definitions for "Anniversaries"
The chart below lists the most recognized traditional gifts and jewelry used to commemorate wedding anniversaries: YEAR TRADITIONAL JEWELRY Paper, clocks Gold Cotton, china garnet Leather, crystal Pearl Linen or silk Blue Topaz Wood, silverware Sapphire iron, wood Amethyst Wool or copper, desk sets Onyx Bronze Tourmaline Pottery or china Lapis 10 Tin or aluminum diamond 11 Steel Turquoise 12 Silk Pearl s, colored gems 13 Lace Citrine 14 Ivory Opal, Gold jewelry 15 Crystal Ruby, watches 20 China emerald, platinum 25 Silver Sterling silver 30 Pearl diamond 35 Jade Jade, Emerald 40 Ruby Ruby 45 Sapphire Sapphire 50 Gold Gold 55 Emerald Emerald 60 Diamond Diamond