Definitions for "Atari"
A major Japanese game developer.
Atari is a corporate and brand name owned by several entities since 1972. It is currently held by Atari, Inc. , a majority owned subsidiary of Infogrames Entertainment SA (IESA), encompassing its North American operations. Atari develops, publishes and distributes games for all major video game consoles, as well as for the personal computer, and is currently one of the largest third-party publishers of video games in the United States.
Atari is an arrangement of stones where there is only one more move until a capture. In the middle of the board, for example, if your stone is surrounded on three of the four sides by opposing stones, your stone is in atari.
a move which threatens to build Four-in-a-Row on the next move. Double Atari guarantees victory on the next move.
A move that threatens to capture an enemy pair.
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To stirke a finger hole
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'bingo!' or 'you've got it!'
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The state of having only one liberty left.