Definitions for "Canals"
There are over 2000 miles of canals in the UK. A few photographs have been provided here to give you a flavour and perhaps some inspiration for scale models of not just the boats, but the canals themselves. more...... Search for Canals books on
Cape Coral has over 400 miles of saltwater and freshwater canals. Width of the canals are from 50 feet to 260 feet. The depth of most canals was dredged 8 to 10 feet in the middle of the canal. The wider canals are 12 to 18 feet deep in the center. Naturally the value of the property is effected by the width of the canal and the view it affords of either an intersecting canal, lake or basin.
before trains, cargo was moved through England on narrow-boats that traversed quaint man-made canals. A vast network of canals crisscrossed England. (This was a common mode of transportation in Europe and America, too.) The narrow-boat would be hitched by ropes to a horse that walked alongside the canal on the "tow-path." An attendant would walk the horse up the path while the animal towed the narrow-boat quietly along the canal. Many investors made great fortunes building canals during the Regency, but the trains soon made them obsolete. Today many narrow-boats have been turned into passenger vessels and offer tourists a relaxing way to view the English countryside.
(of Mars) the straight-line markings on Mars thought to be actual water canals, but found not to exist after spacecraft visits to Mars.